Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kufta Bozbash

Kufta Bozbash is a traditional Azerbaijan dish, pea soup with lamb balls and vegetables. Kufta is served with greens.

  • 400 g lamb.
  • 200 g lamb bones.
  • 50 g rice.
  • 60 g fat.
  • 60 g cherry plums.
  • 70 peas.
  • 450 g potatoes.
  • saffron.
  • ground pepper.
  • dried mint.
  • salt.
  • Cook broth from lamb bones with peas.
  • Grind lamb flesh and onion in a mincer, combine with rice, salt, spices and shape balles, hiding in the middle a cherry plum.
  • Put diced potatoes, lamb balls and finely chopped onion into the broth, then add pieces of fat, salt, pepper and saffron extract.

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