Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fish Empanadas



# 2 cups any white fish, boiled. Remember to debone the fish.
# 1 medium onion chopped
# 1/2 medium red pepper in very thin strips
# 1 large tomato seeded and peeled in wedges.
# 3 tablespoons olive oil (cold pressed is prefered).
# 1 tablespoon tomato extract
# 3 tablespoons vegetable or fish broth (water can also be used)
# paprika and salt to taste
# Breadcrumb, garlic and chopped parsley mix


1. Combine Oil, chopped onion, red pepper and tomato.
2. Add tomato extract, paprika and salt to form a rather thick sauce. (if sauce comes out too thick, add more broth)
3. Mix in fish with sauce, and if sauce has not thickened, add breadcrumb garlic mix. (Adjust for salt)
4. Fill rounds of doe with fish filling and bake in a hot oven. (around 350’- 400’)

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