Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Milanesa Napolitana



# 2 pounds of cut meat strips
# 3 eggs
# 2 heads of garlic
# 1 can of tomato sauce
# 1 lb of port cheese
# oregano
# flour
# bread crumps
# oil


Prepare the meat
1) Get the meat
2) Remove the fat
3) Cut the meat into long, thin slices.
4) Salt both sides of the meat

Prepare the eggs and bread crumbs
1) In a large, deep plate add the bread crumbs and flour (You don't need to add it all)
2) Prepare another deep plate or bowl with the eggs, beat them then add some salt
3) Dice the parsly and garlic.
4) Add oregano, diced parsly and diced garlic with the eggs, mix well.

Making the milanesas
1) Put the thin meat strips into the egg mixture, then put it into the bread crumb mixture.
2) Once again put the meat into the eggs, and then the bread crumbs.
3) The meat should be covered with the bread crumbs
4) Add oil to a frying pan, when the oil is hot begin to fry the breaded meat.
5) Flip the meat to allow it to cook on both sides.
6) When the breaded meat is cooked, place it on a plate with paper towels to absorb the oil.
7) Heat the tomato sause.
8) Move the milanesas to another flat pan.
9) Cover the milanesas in salsa, then cut slices of cheese and place them on the salsa.
You should almost cover the whole milanesa in salsa and cheese.
10) Place the pan of milanesas in the oven, the cheese should melt.
11) Then enjoy!

Milanesa tastes great with Asado Salad! Check Asado Salad.

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