Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rabbit 'Run-Down'

Rabbit “Run-Down” a Dominican recipe for cooking rabbit meat, and which I must say is very tasty. No! You don’t have to run-down the rabbit before you cooking this recipe. That was the first thing which came to my mind when I first came across this recipe, and I’m pretty sure that I will not be the last. Rabbit meat has grown so popular in Dominica, that there is a village called Crockrane with host an annual Rabbit Festival :smile: If you’re Rabbit meat fanatic then this festival is definitely for you.

Serves about 6.


* 2 lb (908 g) rabbit
* 1 pint (560 ml) coconut milk
* 1 tbsp salt
* 1 tbsp curry powder
* 1 eschallot stalk, finely chopped
* 1 sprig of thyme
* 1 small hot pepper, crushed
* 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
* 6 dried pimento (allspice) berries
* 2 lb (908 g) eel (large variety), skinned and cut into 4-inch (10-cm) pieces


1. 1. Cut the rabbit into serving portions.
2. Bring the coconut milk to the boil and add the rabbit, salt and curry powder.
3. Cover, reduce the heat and simmer for 1 hour, or until tender.
4. Add all other flavoring ingredients 5 minutes before removing from the heat.

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