Thursday, April 10, 2008

Afelia (Pork in Wine Sauce)


1 kilo of spareribs
2 cups of red dry wine
½ a cup of corn oil
2 tbsp of crushed coriander seeds
Hot water
Salt and pepper to taste


- Have your ribs cut one bone at a time and in small pieces about 2 inches long.

- Place in a large enough bawl to hold all your meat.

- Add 1 cup of red dry wine and 1 tbsp of crushed coriander, mix well for the wine and coriander to go everywhere on your meat and marinate for about 5-6 hours. (Mix periodically)

- Heat oil, drain the meat and fry lightly.

- Add the rest of the wine and coriander, bring to boil and add enough hot water to cover the meat.

- Add salt and pepper to taste, cover your pan and cook for about 1 ½ hour in low heat.

- Serve hot.

Afelia can be accompanied with rice, boiled or steamed vegetables or mashed potatoes.

Note: As an alternative to meat, artichokes, mushrooms or potatoes cut in small cubs can be used, cooked the same way.

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