Sunday, September 21, 2008

Molokhiya (Green Leaf Vegetable)

Serves 3-4.

  • 2/5 liter of soup ( meat or chicken ).
  • One and a half tea spoon of garlic, 2 tea spoons of ground Coriander (Kozbara), and three table spoons of tomato paste.(tomato paste is optional, but preferable). One and a half table spoon of butter (or 2 table spoons of oil).
  • Salt, and black pepper.
  • The Molokhya, either green or dry.
  • Add the Molokhya (one bag) to the 2/5 of soup and heat for about 15 minutes on not a very hot level.
  • It is not recommended to steer too much, so the Molokhya doesn't drawn in the bottom. (in case of green Molokhya, not dry)
  • While cooking the Molokhya prepare the ta'leya ( no equivalent English term)
This is how to prepare the ta'leya:
  • In a soup pan, heat the butter, or the oil. (make sure you don't burn the butter).
  • Add the garlic and steer until it gets yellowish, then add the Coriander.
  • Add the tomato paste and steer until it gets brown, but not burned!
  • Add the result to the Molokya and steer slowly.
Some parts of Sudan don't add tomato, some add lemon. The thickness of the Molokhya depends on the person's taste.

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