Friday, April 4, 2008

Marinated Salmon (Gravlax)

Serves 10.


1kg/2 ¼ lb salmon fillet
1dl/3oz caster (super-fine) sugar
½ dl/1 ½ oz salt
1½ tsp crushed white pepper corns
100g/4oz crushed dill stalks


Make sure that the salmon fillets have been frozen for at least 24 hours before marinating if you are buying fresh salmon fillets. Thaw the salmon fillets in the fridge. Remove scales and dry the fillets, but do not rinse them. Remove any bones with pliers.

Rub in dill, sugar, salt and pepper on the fillets and leave fillets, meat side on meat side, on a large dish in room temperature, until the sugar and salt have dissolved.

Put the plate with the fillets in the fridge and leave for 48 hours to marinate. Turn the fillets over from time to time.

Serve with mustard/dill sauce.

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