Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fish Sinigang

By Maria

I went to market early this morning and I bought some fresh fish and camote tops. I want fish sinigang for lunch. So i cooked some fish belly for sinigang. I boil some water and I add onions, garlic and tomatoes with a little ginger. When it boils, I add the fish belly . Then I add the tamarind powder. I also put a little salt. Add the camote tops for the vegetables. It was delicoius.

Sinigang na isda or fish sinigang is a traditional Philippine food which is a popular favorite of all. Notice the red soup, it is because of the camote tops I put into it. Camote tops is rich in iron. So what i did cooked is really a healthy Philippine food.

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awake on the otherside of somewhere said...

i love sinigang! though a preference for the beef version...:) i love eating it with the sauce drowning my rice and with dash-fulls or ground balck pepper...the sourer the better!